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For more information on events call Cindy Meili 315-572-7439

Thursday, September 7th, from 8 AM to 2 PM, Aspen Dental's Mouthmobile will be at the OnCenter,800 State Street. For more information please see the available flyer here.

Veterans Information Night (click here to view flyer)  to be held August 16th, 2017 at the Jordan Elbridge Community Center, from 5 PM to 7 PM. Please come join us for Veterans information night. There will be an overview of Outreach programs and services that are available to Town of Elbridge Veterans and their families.
Contact Cindy Meili@ 315-572-7439 for any questions.


DO YOU KNOW A VETERAN THAT IS IN NEED OF A WHEELCHAIR?? The Skaneateles American Legion Post 239 has a Motorized and Manual Wheelchair that are available for use.  Please fill out the form below by 18JUNE17 and email eric.amberge@apgtech.com  

                                                  Wheelchair Request Form                                                        

A Letter from the Town of Elbridge Veterans Outreach Coordinator

Town of Elbridge Veterans and Family Members,

  I am honored at the privilege of being recently selected to represent you as our town's Veterans Services Outreach Coordinator.  I am enthusiastic at the opportunity to work with our town officials to help improve communication and access to the many different programs available to assist our veterans and their families, as well as be the conduit in which you can express your concerns and provide suggestions on how to improve the quality of life for those who have, or continue to serve our great nation.  In the coming weeks, I will be reaching out via public venues in our community and soliciting suggestions on what our Town Board representatives can do to assist the veterans of the Town of Elbridge.  My initial plan is to begin working with local town, county, state and national veteran service organizations to ensure the widest dissemination of information about programs that are available to assist our veterans.   Along with this I am dedicated to assisting all of you in order to ensure you have a complete understanding of not only the programs available, but also how to properly accomplish the required actions to take advantage of the benefits and privileges you have earned.  Please ensure you check this website periodically for updates and I will be working to establish additional forms of outreach in order to effectively communicate the progress we are making to serve our veterans.  Please feel free to contact me directly via email at veteransoutreach@townofelbridge.com or via telephone 315-572-7439 with any suggestions, or if you would like to volunteer and contribute to helping the veterans of the Town of Elbridge.  

 Cyntheia C. Meili

Town of Elbridge Veterans Outreach Services

Outreach Coordinator:  Cyntheia  C. Meili

Phone:  1-315-572-7439

Email:  veteransoutreach@townofelbridge.com