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Please note:  Crego Road will be closed from the Jordan Road and Gun Club to Valley Drive, until April 1st, 2017.


            During the winter months, the Town of Elbridge Highway Department will occasionally receive calls regarding damage to mailboxes from a direct hit from the Highway plow or from the force of the snow being thrown by the plow. Remember plows can hurl hundreds of pounds of snow in one pass. If damage occurs, it is not intentional. We understand that boxes are put in highway right-of-way, but this does not grant the residents legal rights in the highway when it comes to highway purposes. According to New York State Highway Law, when the necessities of keeping the highway open conflicts with the reception of mail, the latter must stand aside.

            In the event that a box is damaged, the Town of Elbridge Highway Department will, as a courtesy to our residents, place a temporary box so that residents can receive mail and if the damage is a result of direct impact from a plow, the Town will replace the box, post or both with a standard metal black or white mailbox and a treated 4 x 4 post. If the damage post was rotted or in poor condition and is damaged or dislodged due to the impact of plowed snow, it is not the Town’s fault, nor is it the Town’s responsibility. Residents need to check their mailboxes and posts in the fall for unstable or shaky posts or loose hardware and make the needed repairs prior to the winter snowfall. If residents follow the provided standards specification for mailboxes at the roadside, this will greatly reduce damage in the winter months.

Thank you,
Town of Elbridge Highway Department.

The Town of Elbridge Highway Department under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will repair or replace a homeowner’s mailbox that falls under the following:

Spindle type wood post (4 x 4 treated posts should be used.)
Plastic of any kind
Any post, including metal, that was already in a compromised or poor condition
A mailbox that was popped off the cross member from the weight of pushed snow (If your mailbox is not damaged and only laying detached from the support, it is more likely that it was not hit by the plow but by the pushed snow.)
No paper tube will be reinstalled, repaired or replaced.

All mailboxes posts damaged that do not fall in the above-stated bullets will be replaced with a standard treated 4 x 4. All unusable mailboxes will be replaced with a standard mailbox.

The Town of Elbridge will replace mailboxes and posts ONLY if hit by Town of Elbridge snowplow equipment. Please check your posts, mailboxes, and newspaper boxes in the fall. If the post is unstable in the ground, chances are it will not withstand pushed snow amounts. The Town is not responsible for designer boxes and posts. (If you have these types of boxes, you may want to replace them with standard boxes for the winter months.)

Highway Department:  Superintendent Jim White - 315-689-3351 x7, fax 315-689-3078 highwaysupt@townofelbridge.com
The Superintendent of Highways is responsible for the repair and maintenance of local highways.

Motor Vehicle Equipment Operators:  highwaygarage@townofelbridge.com

Outside Crew Leader/ Deputy Highway Superintendent: William Snyder, Operators: Randy Bozeat, Roger Darling, Aaron Bouchard, Jason White  
As Needed Operators: Greg Simmons, Jon Moore, Tim Stapleton

Town of Elbridge Highway Department