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Town of Elbridge Departments 

Town Attorney:  Scott Chatfield - 315-636-7911
The Town Attorney renders legal advice and assistance to the Town Board and Planning Board.

Town Clerk/Tax Collector:  Debra Stapleton - 315-689-9031 x1 townclerk@townofelbridge.com
Deputy Town Clerk/Tax Collector:  Danielle Karlik - 315-689-9031 x 1 deputyclerk@townofelbridge.com
The Town Clerk is in charge of most Town records, issues marriage, sporting, dog and games of chance licenses and various permits, files reports with County and State agencies as required, posts legal notices, and is, in general, a focal point around which the Town operates. The Town Clerk in the Town of Elbridge also collects Town and County real property taxes.

Town Supervisor:  Vern J. Richardson. - 315-689-9031 x4 supervisor@townofelbridge.com
Supervisor Secretary:  315-689-9031 x4 supervisorclerk@townofelbridge.com

Elbridge Town Court:  Judge George Betts, Judge Michael Weirs
Court Clerks:  Deb Blasko - 315-689-9031 x3
fax:  315-689-6395
Court is held every Monday at 5:00PM

Highway Department:  Superintendent Jim White - 315-689-3351 x7, fax 315-689-3078 highwaysupt@townofelbridge.com
The Superintendent of Highways is responsible for the repair and maintenance of local highways.
Motor Vehicle Equipment Operators:  highwaygarage@townofelbridge.com

Outside Crew Leader/Deputy Highway Superintendent: William Snyder, Operators: Randy Bozeat, Roger Darling, Aaron Bouchard, Jason White  

As Needed Operators: Greg Simmons, Jon Moore, Tim Stapleton

Codes Enforcement: Howard Tanner 315-689-9031 x6 codesoffice@townofelbridge.com
Secretary:  Paige Boratko x6 pboratko@twcny.rr.com
The Codes Enforcement Officer (Building/Zoning Officer) is responsible for enforcing national, state and local building and zoning laws, and other related laws (i.e. littering, garbage and refuse), and Flood Zone and Wetland Administration. The Building/Zoning Officer also receives applications and issues permit/certificates in connection with various building/construction-related activities.

Assessor:  Celeste Karakas - 315-689-9031 x 5 assessor@townofelbridge.com
Assessor's Clerk:  Penelope Ceratt - 315-689-9031 x5 assessorclerk@townofelbridge.com,
The Assessor is responsible for preparing an equitable assessment roll each year and filing that roll with the Town Clerk. The assessment roll is used to levy School, Town and County, and Village taxes. The office processes real property transfers (deeds), and all types of exemptions.

Planning Board:  Chairperson Marc Macro, Attorney Scott Chatfield, Secretary Cynthia Weirs, Members:  Steve Walburger, John Stevenson, Patrick Svanson
The Planning Board reviews site plans on any newly proposed land use activity in the Town, and considers such plans for approval in accordance with local law. The Planning Board meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00PM in the Town Hall.

Zoning Board of Appeals:  Chairperson Timothy Gannon, Attonrey Scott Chatfield 315-636-7911, Secretary Paige Boratko 315-689-9031 x6, Members:  Chris Beane, Joanne Spoto-Decker, John Tambroni
The Zoning Board of Appeals considers and decides appeals of decisions relating to zoning matters. Also issues special permits as appropriate, and grants or denies variances in accordance with Town Law. The Zoning Board of Appeals meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month a 7:00PM in the Town Hall.

Environmental Commission:   Members:  David Johnson, Christopher Sandstrom, Mike Fixler, Kim O'Brien
The Environmental Commission meets the 4th Tuesday of every month at 6:30PM at the Town Hall.

Town Historian:  John Horner - 315-689-9387 (by appointment only) jhorner@aol.com
The Town Historian records the history of the Town by documenting and maintaining a wide variety of community related information including, but not limited to, the Town's business, family histories and community organizations. The Historian's office is located at the Elbridge Free Library, 241 East Main Street, Elbridge, NY 13060.

Board of Assessment Review:  Chairperson Marc Macro, Secretary Penny Ceratt - 315-689-9031 x5
Members:  Bruce Foote, Timothy Gannon, Michael Ryan
The Assessment Board of Review hears complaints from property owners on real property tax assessments each year on the 4th Wednesday of May.

Recreation/ Senior Center:  Joe Patrick - 315-689-9031  Ext. 9 , srdirector@townofelbridge.com 

Fire Wardens:  Jordan Volunteer Department:  Douglas Milton,  Mottville Volunteer Fire Department:  Michael Baker, Elbridge Volunteer Fire Department:  Paul Czarnecki

Dog Control Officer:  Carl Collier/ Jen Collier - 315-253-4367
Please leave a message and number if there is no answer.


Fax 315-689-3122