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Combined Building Permit (Villages and Town)
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Manufactured Home Permit

Licensed Plumbers in Onondaga County

Information for Residents

Truss Type Construction – Effective Date 1/1/2015
Residential Structures with Truss Type Construction, Pre-Engineered Wood Construction or Timber Construction. This rule implements Executive Law §382-b, as added by Chapter 353 of the Laws of 2014.  This rule requires any person who uses truss type, pre-engineered wood or timber construction in the construction of a new residential structure or an addition to or rehabilitation of an existing residential structure to give written notice of that fact to the local code enforcement official and to place a sign or symbol on the exterior of the structure to indicate to firefighters and first responders that truss type, pre-engineered wood or timber construction has been used in the structure.
 Contact Town of Elbridge Codes Dept for more information.

Restricted Burning Ban:  There is a yearly ban on burning from March 15th until May 15th. Restricted burning permits will not be issued during this time period. Thank you. Please note:  Open burning is not permitted in either Village.  Permits for clean wood only burns are available in the Town of Elbridge or in the usable forms above.

Inflatable pools, (blow-up pools):   with walls 24 inches high or more require the same building permit standards as permanent swimming pools. All pools require a permit and electrical inspections.

Flags:  As a reminder, any time of the year, please send any unserviceable American, POW or Military flags to the Code's office, They will be taken for proper retirement.

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