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Renewals are mailed out annually in the fall. Those that do not renew by March 1st will lose their exemption for the coming assessment roll year. When you receive your renewal application you may bring in all your information at that time for the following year. If there were extenuating circumstances as to why you did not file on time you will need to write a statement

as to the reasoning as well as complete form RP-524 for grievance that needs to be filed with our office

the week prior to grievance by May 21, 2020


Please call our office to schedule an appointment for either Informal or Grievance Hearings.

Any owner contesting their assessment that has recently purchased or is currently listing their property should bring the MLS listing, signed purchase agreement, property appraisal and any additional pertinent information available.
For all others, please provide any useful information for the basis of your claim including photographs, street listings, comparisons, or an appraisal that was done within the past three years. All information will become the property of the Town of Elbridge and will be

kept confidential.

We ask that any commercial properties supply an income and expense statement or business income tax returns as they will be requested for grievance.

Grievance forms need to be completed and returned prior to grievance day to receive an appointment time.

Walk-ins will still be accepted and scheduled by the grievance board on that day.


The Assessing year is from July 1st to June 30th. Throughout the year property owners can come in and meet personally with the Assessor, by appointment, to discuss their property information. Our Taxable Status Date is March 1st [Exemption Application filing deadline]. From March 1st through to May 1st there are processes that the Assessor goes through in reviewing property assessments. A Tentative Assessment Roll is filed as of May 1st and notices are sent out to those property owners who’s Assessed Values have been changed. At that point and time, you can come in and meet with the Assessor while she is "Sitting with The Assessment Roll", that are on certain days at particular times. After SWR is Grievance Day when you can meet with the Board of Assessment Review (a panel of three to five members) and grieve your assessment to the Board, not the Assessor. The Assessor or the Assessor’s representative will be on hand for the Assessment Board to ask questions of him/her if needed. Once the Assessment Board hears all grievances they go into a closed session and make their determinations. Within a couple of weeks, you will receive a notice from the Board of Assessment Review as to whether they upheld the Assessor's determination of assessment or if they adjusted the assessment. Beyond Grievance is the Small Claims Hearing (see Small Claims on NYST&F website) for residential properties, your last stop. [NOTE: You cannot go to Small Claims if you have not gone through your Town's Grievance process.]  You would need to file a Petition at the County Clerk's Office, as well as copies to other offices,

 see Small Claims instructions.


If you need to change your current mailing address on a parcel you own, please complete the form and mail it to us showing the property(ies) address(es) and parcel ID[s] needing to be changed with your dated signature requesting us to update your mailing address, etc. If this is a Business owned property, please do this on your Company’s letterhead with an authorizing signature. If you have a name change you will need to submit a certified legal document allowing the name change. (Form in left column)


The Office is responsible to maintain, update and record any changes to over 3,000 parcels. Your value or assessment is available online at Onondaga County's website www.ongov.net , along with current sales that have occurred in your area. The County's website also offers comparable sales information, grievance forms and information (RP-524) as well as copies of tax maps.

To review any questions about your assessment information, appointments are available after January 1st to discuss concerns. Please call Penny Ceratt at 689-9031 x5 to schedule appointments.

If you are turning 65  years of age and have an existing Basic STAR Exemption,

please contact the Assessor's Office prior  to  March  1st.


The STAR Credit Program is not the same as the STAR Exemption Program

STAR Credit: New Residential Property Owners (after 3/1/2015): New residing property owners that qualify can receive the benefit of a STAR Credit Check from New York State Taxation & Finance (NYST&F). In order to receive this benefit you must register with NYST&F by either calling them at 518/457-2036 or by registering on-line at www.tax.ny.gov. Please be sure to either print-off or write down your confirmation number and keep it in a safe place.

  • The STAR Credit program is not the same as the STAR Exemption program.
  • The STAR Credit results in a check with full tax bill.
  •  NYS Tax & Finance handles all STAR Credit questions.

              Website: tax.ny.gov/star   *     Phone: 1-518/457-2036

  • Website to check on your STAR Credit check: tax.ny.gov/pit/property/star/star-check-delivery-schedule.htm

STAR Exemption: The STAR Exemption is gradually being phased out, but for those that had the STAR Exemption for the same parcel prior to the 2016 assessment roll and are turning 65 within the calendar year or are older and your income is less than $88,050, you are still eligible to receive the Enhanced/Sr STAR Exemption, just contact our office before March 1st to apply.

  • The STAR Exemption results in deduction off tax bill. NYS Tax & Finance handles all Enhanced STAR Renewals.


Our office processes various other types of exemptions. For more information and/or an application with instructions,

call or stop in to the office.

  To name a few of these exemptions they are:

​Agricultural* ,  Business ,  Disability/Limited Income*   Sr Citizen Low Income*  , 

Sr STAR Exemption (those still eligible, see STAR Update) , Solar , Veterans – Alternative (during time of war)

Veterans – Cold War (not during time of war) ,  Veterans Disability*

​  Note: Sr STAR and Low Sr Citizen exemptions are not the same exemption, they are independent of each other.

* Exemptions that are renewed annually​​


Fax 315-689-3122

Important Dates To Remember:

March 1st – Taxable Status Date

March 1st – Exemption Filing Deadline

May 1st – Tentative Assessment Roll Filed May – SWR and Grievance

July 1st – Final Assessment Roll Filed

Please call the office to setup an appointment time for SWR or Grievance

2020 Sitting with the Assessment Roll (SWR):

Dates To Be Announced 

2020 Grievance Day:

Wednesday, May 27th

4:00pm - 8:00pm

Town Of Elbridge Assessing Office

Town Assessor: Celeste Karakas
Email: assessor@townofelbridge.com

Assessing Clerk: Penelope Ceratt
Email: assessorclerk@townofelbridge.com
Phone:  315-689-9031 Ext. 5  ​​


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